Monday, December 10, 2007

Ashley Wood World War Robot Email Sign Up!!

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You can now sign up for new information on Ashley Wood's offcially titled "World War Robot" by going here: HERE. Or you can just send an email to: A cool collaboration between Ashley Wood, Bigshot Toyworks and Three Zero, World War Robot or affectionately knows as Bertie, this highly anticipated toy with 43 points of articulation will bring a fresh perspective to the 1/6 market. Scheduled to be released at NY Comic Con 2008.

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1 comment:

Graham said...

Ashley, your World War Robot is a neat piece of work. I approve of toys with lots of articulation! I also love the beat-up well-worn look.
I was directed to your name and work by Mark who has some of your robot toys (he's smokebelch on, where I'm armadillozenith).
Cheers and thumbs up to your ongoing robotry!

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