Thursday, December 20, 2007

Skull Toys Doku Rocks!!!

IMG_1430 400x599

The toy gods are smiling down upon me this week. Must have earned some Toy Karma recently. I bought only two of the blind bagged Rotofugi Doku Rocks from Skull Toys. I really wanted the painted blue one (of course) and I scored! I also got the frosted clear green one. The only better scenario would have been to get the frosted clear purple, but i'm not complaining. The sculp rules. One of my favorite mini's.

IMG_1420 400x599

IMG_1421 400x599

IMG_1422 400x599

IMG_1425 400x599

IMG_1426 400x599

I busted out the Old Balance Doku Rocks from a few months ago. Also blind bagged. Skull Toys must love the blind bag!! I was lucky again and scored the version with the pipe cleaners. I love inserts and pipecleaners!!

IMG_1423 400x599

IMG_1424 400x599

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