Thursday, December 27, 2007

Secret Base "Full Color" Usugrow Rebel Ink Figure!!

usugrow full color 400x306

I'm not sure "Full Color" is the right term here, but we have the 3rd incarnation of pen and ink artist Usugrow's Rebel Ink figure by Secret Base. Clear grey vinyl painted with black and white accents, if you were lucky enough to get a hold of one, it would have cost you just over $100. Sorry, long sold out in Japan. I heard a rumor that since Usugrow's art is all black and white, all of his figures will also be limited to these colors. does that mean no clear blue Usugrow figures? that would be a bummer...

usugrow side 400x302

usugrow front 400x302


Arke said...

dope where can i get one and how much are they going for

toybot studios said...

all sold out unfortunately. you might find one on ebay. expect to pay between $100-$150. If you find one for less than $100, grab it cause that's less than retail.

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