Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rotofugi x Skull Toys = Doku Rocks Holiday Mystery Bag!!!

M13917_lg1 400x533

Rotofugi busting out with more exclusive Japanese vinyl for the holidays. Released this past Saturday at their retail store, we have an interesting assortment of Skull Toys Doku Rocks. Looks like five different colorways total. $40 each with limited two (2) per person per day! I love blind bags until I friggin open it up and don't get the ones I want!! ack!! Will have to order another two tomorrow...!!

skull-toys-mystery-bag 400x205

From Rotofugi:

When we first made contact with the awesome artists and Japanese boutique Kaiju makers at The Skull Toys we didn't know what to expect. They suggested a Holiday/Christmas Mystery Bag release of their killer Mini Dokurocks and we were like, hell yeah!

Each mystery bag has one of five different varieties. The "Chicago Winter" version is a milky white/clear vinyl painted with blue spray and red details. Or maybe you'll get the "Frozen" version (unpainted white/clear version) or one of the "Frosted" versions (green, purple or yellow clear vinyl with just a hint of silver spray). No matter. They ALL rule.

M13917_lg3 400x533

M13917_lg2 400x533

chiwinterdokurocks_blind 400x299

M13917_lg4 400x533

M13917_lg5 400x299

dokurocks_snow 400x299

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