Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Super 7 Holiday Spirit Visighost on December 15th!!!


I like this clear red version with the white details better than the all black prototype un-veiled last week at the RxH show. This dude is pretty cool. I might just have to pick it up....This would be a second reason to come to Super 7 on December 15th....(the other reason would be for the toybot studios Popsoda.....!!!)

Just in time for the Holidays comes the newest member of the Ghostland family, the Holiday Spirit Visighost!

This brand new figure designed by the mind behind Super7, Brian Flynn, and sculpted by the one and only Kiyoka Ikeda of Gargamel, drops playfully onto the toy scene this winter! Equal parts spooky and cute, the Holiday Spirits Visighost is 9 inches tall, and cast in clear red vinyl with white spray.

Dont miss your chance to bring Visighost's warm ghostly cheer home for the Holidays!

Holiday Spirit Visighost will be offered for sale at $65, Saturday December 15th at the Super7 Store, 11AM Pacific, first come first served.

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