Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Secret Base Pushead Skull Captains!!!

pushead1023 400x299

We first saw this full color Pushead Skull Captain by Secret Base at last July's SDCC. It's in the factory now getting painted and were hoping to see it sometime early in the New Year (we hope). I love the colorway, but also looking forward to more painted colorways as well as Hand Painted Skull Captains too! SDCC 2008 is gonna be awesome!!!

Now this Devilclot clear orange Skull Pirate caught everyone a bit off-guard when it suddenly showed up on eBay today. Comes with a wash cloth just like the Supertouch version. $149 was the winning price. Not bad. Another one is starting bid at $159...I like anything clear, but i'm hoping I can pick one up at retail.....

4727_1 400x327

pics from Secret Base Blog and hk_apestore

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