Monday, December 03, 2007

Metal Gear Solid Kubricks Chase Figures Revealed!!

2081513410_e4f8489451 400x270

I'm stealing these photo's (shamelessly) from Andy's toy blog Toysrevil, but since he stole them (without shame) from Blog@INSTINCTOY, I feel less guilty. I'm digging the icy, stealth chase figs, but not sure if I wanna pay the big bucks to get them. Frankly, I prefer the painted versions...especially MGS4 Ninja and MGS3 Skull Face.

2081513414_a1fb975f5a 400x224


I'm going to apologize in advance, but this last pic of Snake holding up Ninja reminds me of one of my oldest and most favorite toy photos which is forcing me to re-post. I think I took it with a 1mg camera..!! lol....!!

Snake Sneak


toysrevil said...

nah buddy ~ folks who use pics without credit or link-back "steal" ... folks who DO linkbacks "share" ... HAHAHAHAHAHA (or at least that's how i justify 'em LOL)

have been looking @ the 'bay and the prices for th chases are effin ridiculous, IMHO ... but sure as heck if Medicom decides to release 400% versions of these chase figures? *swoon* LOL

Kubrick Figures Fan said...

These pics are awesome, thanks for sharing. Wherever you got them. lol.

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