Thursday, December 27, 2007

Gargamel "Invisible Kaiju Pack '08" Lucky Bag!!!!

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Oh man, oh man!! Check out this little beauties!! Gargamel is teaming up with a whole gang of toy companies to produce these painted and un-painted mini figures called "Invisible Kaiju Pack". Figures include a Rumble Monsters clear purple Mini Damnedron, BUSTER CALL electric Beetlar, Gargamel crouching mini Zag, Charatics Mini Bander and Sunguts flower guy....

It looks like they will be included in this giant M1 egg with a print! Best collaboration of 2008 so far!! Sounds like this will be one of two Lucky Bags being released from Gargamel this year. This Invisible Kaiju Pack featuring all of the five companies above will include random rare or chase figures (meaning the ultra rad painted versions above). The other Lucky Bag will feature painted and un-painted Gargamel figures. Both will be available in full effect from Super7 will plenty to go around!! yay!!

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novobonbon said...

I would really love to obtain the Gargamel INVISIBLE KAIJU PACK...Are there any more available? Those mini-aliens are well-crafted, come in a nice assortment of colors, and look fantastic photographed with that yellow storage egg. Best buy of 2008! Midas Wilder aka Cheaptoyman :D

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