Thursday, December 27, 2007

BLObPUS Lucky Bags for 2008!!!

blobpus lucky bag 400x299

ok, hold the phone! Check out these unbelievable Lucky Bags from BLObPUS!!! The first picture is not representative of what you will necessarily get, but a teaser to show you what you might get. I believe each Lucky Bag will contain 3-4 random figures. I'm super loving the new BLObPUS DX painted figures above. Put me down!!! Also part of the New Year's BLObPUS extravaganza is a collaboration with Skull Toys with these wonderul sets below....!!!! I want them all!!

dokurox vs. dokugan set 400x298

dokurox vs. blobpus 400x310

dokurox vs. docross 400x315

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