Friday, December 21, 2007

Beyond Hypothermia Custom Gargamel Mini Zag

IMG_1348 400x599

Had an extra blank Gargamel Mini Zag lying around so I thought I would give it the treatment. Originally I was going to match the colorway on the RxH Blue Ryusei Ninja, but when I tried it out, it just didn't look right. I just wasn't feeling the red and black for some reason. So I just went for more blue. I took the blue one more level...

Beyond Hypothermia is an awesome Hong Kong action flick featuring a bad-ass female assassin that gets caught up in a gang war. Worthwhile checking out.... What does this have to do with a mini zag? absolutely nothing. The zag looks frozen and so this movie title came to mind.

IMG_1337 400x599

Another interesting sidenote is that I dig the way the eye came out. but it was really a result of an accident. While I was using a paint pen to color the eye red, I pushed on it too hard and the paint flooded out filling up the entire eye socket and spilling just a bit on both sides. I thought it looked cool, so I let it dry and then used a little gold frost to highlight the center.

IMG_1350 400x599

IMG_1344 400x599

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Anonymous said...

cool mini!

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