Sunday, December 16, 2007

More Kaiju For Grown-Ups at Tokyocube!!!

mini-uma-11194960504078 400x400

Just a gathering of some of the recent Kaiju for Grown-Ups offerings from Wonderwall through Tokyocube.

Above is UMA Series 2 from Horvath. I was sitting on this release, but funny thing happened: when Series 3 below was announced, I was disappointed with the colorways so it made me jump at Series 2.

uma3-11197662321709 400x400

Horvath's Chupacabra. Just saw a documentary on this guy. Friggin scary! Who is sucking all the blood from all the livestock???

chup-11195726033165 400x400

Pink colorway of Mothman and Flatwoods

moth-set-11194603932323 400x400

Touma's Gaburin "Frozen". I'm soooo tempted to pick this guy up cause the colorway is so bitchin. I just don't dig the sculp and the size too much...this guy needs to get a bit smaller and go on sale me thinks...

gab-freeze1194603965033 400x400

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