Friday, December 31, 2010

Luck, Fail and Win Compilation 2010

Ring in the New Year with RealxHead Sale at Rotofugi..!!

RxH Sale at Rotofugi

Our friends at Real Head have lowered their prices a little bit over the past few months, so we've decided to go into our entire back stock of RxH figures and set new lower prices too! It's never been a better time to be a Real Head, now through January 9, place an order for $60 or more worth of Real Head stuff and we'll knock an additional $10 off your total! Happy New Year! RHND! Shop Now

Shikaruna x Lulubell Toys New Years Exclusives...!!!!

Shikaruna x Lulubell Exclusives..!

via Amy at Lulubell Toys

Shikaruna x Lulubell ring in the New Year with 2 insane new exclusive versions of Chiwos & Dorol! Chiwos is cast in mint green vinyl while Dorol was done on a white vinyl base. As is signature, both are covered in tons of amazing colors! Uber-limited! PRE-ORDER opens up January 1st, 2011 @ 5pm pacific! Nice price of $99 each!

Here's wishing you all a healthy, joyous & prosperous New Year! From both sides of the globe, Luke & I extend our sincerest appreciation to each & every one of you for your support in 2010, and for keeping this dream alive another year! We are working hard to bring you exciting new sculpts in 2011, as well as continuing to bring you more of your favorite usual suspects!

Shikaruna x Lulubell Exclusives..!

Shikaruna x Lulubell Exclusives..!

MISHKA x L'amour Supreme x NAG3 2011 Release...!!


Some serious shit is brewing over at the MISHKA HQ. Looks like an interesting set planned for 2011 featuring a NagNagNag of course, but with T-shirt and CD. T-Shirt no doubt designed and illustrated by L'amour Supreme. Hipsters and toy geeks alike will go bonkers.

Mishka x Lamour Supreme x NagNagNag

Onell Axis Armored Outer Spacemen Xodiac


Check out the Four Horsemen's Galatic Holiday Xodiac with chrome edition helmet modded with Onell's new Axis joint system. Axis joints rule. Simple, elegant and they work great.


CURE new Skeletal Spooky Boogie Man

skeletal boogie

Everyone has seen this WIP pic from Luke of the upcoming Spooky Boogie Man from Cure Toys. Will come with some kind of clear Boogie Body and death shroud to make this spectral Boogie yet another winner. Coming in late January. Look for yours at Lulubell Toys

new pic sighted on the interweb of the full length body.
skeletal boogie

Bitch Bitch Bitch, WTF?

kaiju coup

someone called "Kaiju Coup" sent me this picture tonight with the title "Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, WTF?" I'm racking my brains right now because i've seen a similar sculpt of the character in the lower right. It was a dog or bear or something. resin piece. anyone? Regardless... funny.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Archer Season One DVD

The complete Season One of Archer just came out on DVD. Two disk set with over 300 minutes of non-PC Spy hilarity. Buy it now for $20 at Amazon

Pigeon: Impossible

Pigeon: Impossible from Lucas Martell on Vimeo.

A rookie secret agent is faced with a problem seldom covered in basic training: what to do when a curious pigeon gets trapped inside your multi-million dollar, government-issued nuclear briefcase.

DAFT PUNK - DEREZZED From Tron Legacy Soundtrack

DAFT PUNK - DEREZZED (From the Tron Legacy Soundtrack) from Warren Fu on Vimeo.

The official Daft Punk music video for Derezzed, the first single off the Tron Legacy Soundtrack.


Artist: Daft Punk
Track: Derezzed
Record Label: Walt Disney Records
Video Commissioner: Glen Lajeski
Production Company: Partizan
Director: Warren Fu
Producer: Ross Girard
Cinematographer: Ketil Dietrichson
Production Designer: Eric Archer
Editor: Ryan McKenna
Post & VFX: The Mill
Sound Design: Gus Koven
VFX Concept & Design: Warren Fu
VFX Producer: Zu Alkadiri
Executive Producer: Jeff Pantaleo

ToyLife by Tony Zagoraios

ToyLife from Tony Zagoraios on Vimeo.

Short Synopsis:If you dont take it your self,It will never get there on its own. Donate your old toys to those children who need them more.More info at

Really enjoyed my motion design contribution to this beautiful film and idea//Support ToyLife//

Client: organization earth

DoP: Christos Christoforou
Art direction: Charitini Apostolidou
Motion designer: Tony Zagoraios
Score: Renos Papastavros
Production manager: Tolis Nikolaidis
Ass. Director: Andreas Savvidis
Camera operator: Yannis Georgiou
Gaffer: Sakis Kostis
Timer: Tony Ford
Director: Yannis Christoforou

Special Thanks: Kodak Greece, Graal, Stefi, central Athens.

Introduction to INNER MONSTERS Participating Artists: Oki-Chu

automatically translated from BLObPUS Blog


1979 Born in Mie Prefecture.
2003 Graduated from School of Design Illustration Yasushi Shigeru class.

Painter, writer drawing, 2002, starting with his first solo exhibition [P]
Started working in Kyoto. Since some of the solo exhibition.
Also participated in various group exhibitions. In 2005, the playing field moved to Tokyo, paint, Drawings and cartoons, a trial and error [picture] Various techniques for representation, The canvas will be established in their own inner world.

The products under the concept artwork for 落Toshi込Mu off Okinawa,
Label Design "in ink" began.
Since her first exhibition at the Goods, to work regularly, such as T-shirts and art books.

2007 Goudayousuke in Kyoto, along with their Yoshikawashougo Raibudoro
Ingupati] [bLack 2bLack launched, has been held irregularly.
Currently, off off the regular writer. Goudayousuke Yoshikawashougo - Nakagawa Atsuo, Bibi on VJ Murai, Masahiro Fujii cooperation project (APN) to a roster, Each time, welcome guest musicians and various guest writers,
[Viewing] the theme of awakening room, a live performance by drawing a constructive and destructive, Produce a space that evokes a visual and physical dance.

In 2008, in collaboration with artist spaces in the garage at home Oota Motoko] [mograg garage be opened. Involved in planning and booking of other galleries, podcasts] [mograg RADIO personalities working well.

Introduction to INNER MONSTERS Participating Artists: Kimura Toshiyuki

automatically translated from: BLObPUS Blog

Kimura Toshiyuki

Contemporary artists, VFX creators.
As an artist VFX studio LOOPHOLE (digital special effects studio) to
Centered activities, has been held as an exhibition space and galleries.

In the film, Godzilla vs Mothra] (1995), Godzilla vs Space Godzilla] (1994)
Desutoroia] vs Godzilla (1995) [SPAWN (1997), [ring (1998)
[Dragon Head] (2003) and Matt artists, VFX served as a creator.
[CASSHERN (2004) concept design, matte art.
VFX supervisor on the 10th anniversary AMD Award '04 (sponsored by Digital Media Association) of
Award-winning Best Visual Designer.

In the game, see 弟切草 resuscitation - Hen, served as general supervisor and paintings.

In music PV, Hikaru Utada "Final Distance" "traveling" "SAKURA Drops" and
EXILE "Choo Choo TRAIN" "999 Galactic Railroad" such as VFX, concept design, matte art charge.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Carlos Enriquez-Gonzalez in the Gallery

Carlos Enriquez-Gonzalez

Here is Carlos Enriquez-Gonzalez in a gallery with his art. You have to love that Astro Boy. The paint jobs are amazing.

Carlos Enriquez-Gonzalez

Carlos Enriquez-Gonzalez


x-ball2011 400x298

Secret Base just announced their version of the Lucky Bag called X-BALL 2011. They will be taking orders after 12:00 noon on January 2nd Japan Time. SECRET BASE staff will pick the toys for the Lucky Bag and you will have no idea of what you get exactly. It will cost 10,500 yen before shipping. As in years past, many times the Lucky Bags are totally worth it. Sometimes not so much. That's why they are called Lucky Bags..!

Max Toy Co. 5th Anniversary Events...!!!!

nagata 5th 400x312

Can you believe it's already been five years? I can't. Mark Nagata celebrates five years of Max Toy Co in April with a double header event at Double Punch right here in SF on April 23rd.

Max Toy Company announces 3 historic Kaiju events for the month of April 2011 !!!

Celebrating Max Toy Company's 5th Anniversary, on April 2nd & 3rd, 2011 there will be a group art show at Design Festa Gallery in Tokyo, Japan. The show will feature art by Japanese and Western artists, each using Max Toy characters, Captain Maxx or Lady Maxx as their subjects. There will also be exclusive toys, prints and much more !
Artists confirmed include:

Japan -
TULIP / REN OTORI / TOMOE and more to be announced !

Global -

The celebration and show continues, traveling to Double Punch Gallery and Store in San Francisco, California, on April 23rd , 2011 for the US premiere.

We're not done !
Also on April 23rd at Double Punch will be the " In Living Kolor, San Francisco " tour event !!!

Featuring Matt Walker / Dead Presidents Designs, the event will include many custom figure artists, all painting live with Monster Kolor paint for the first time in the US !!!

This is the perfect chance to see these amazing artists at work and to try your hand at using Monster Kolor !!

Mark your calendars for these stellar events !

Happy Holidays....!!!

SP7_TooperCard001_660 400x433

Holiday cards are fun. Here are a few from your favorite artists.

Paul Kaiju
CHRISTMAS-2010 400x618

Franco Brambilla
Snowbot XMASS72 400x287

The Tarantulas
tarantulas christmas 400x262

fig-lab.nengajo.2011.small 400x242


Secret Base Cyclo Villian

It seems like forever since Secret Base had a new fight figure character. But this new CYCLO VILLIAN is a winner. Based on an old 12" suit and enemy to the Sharkman fight figure released a couple of years ago. It appears it's a mask that goes over a head just like a Skullbrain. I'm not sure about the new hands though. Due to the poor exchange rate and high shipping, this one will set you back around $88 total. Bummer cause it's a great figure and a welcome return of the SECRET BASE fight figure! Order your's by sending a note to:

Secret Base Cyclo Villian

Monday, December 20, 2010

COOP x NagNagNag Boryoku Genjin...!

I like this new piece by COOP more than the actual toy. Someone needs to make a hot rod for the NagNagNag just like this. Get the Revell reference? you're too old.

Header Card art
COOP x NagNagNag
COOP x NagNagNag

Wanna burn your eyeballs out?
COOP x NagNagNag

Mike Sutfin's Essential Guide to Star Wars Characters in Hard Copy!

Awesome..! Mike Sutfin's "Star Wars New Essential Guide to Characters" has been re-printed in hardback..! Get your's now HERE

Mike Sutfin does Star Wars

Mike Sutfin does Star Wars

Mike Sutfin does Star Wars

Mike Sutfin does Star Wars

Calne Ca (aka Calcium) Creepy Music Videos

ok, weird and creepy, but very cool.

Calne Ca (a.k.a. Calcium) -- a mechanically modified version of the Hatsune Miku virtual idol created by freelance 3D graphic designer Deino -- stars in a pair of music videos set in a chaotic post-human future.

via: PinkTentacle

Chris Burden's Kinetic Hot Wheels Sculpture: Metropolis II

Holy crap this is awesome. Everything I wanted my Hot Wheels set up to be.

A look at Chris Burden's kinetic sculpture in progress, filmed in 2009 at the artist's studio in Topanga, CA. (Video courtesy of CB Studio)

Old School Onell: Rechlen and Aves

Onell Design: Rechlen and Aves

Matt and Crew have been dusting off these old Rechlen and Aves figures from the eariest days of Onell Design. They are even thinking of going into production for these 2" figures and wonder what you think about it. I say bring it on...! A smaller figure is totally welcome on my desk. I think it will be a really interesting way to mix things up. I'm digging the wavy hair too. I would also really be interested in more vehicles that the figures can actually sit on top of or inside. Action figures + vehicles is always sure fire awesomeness...!

Onell Design: Rechlen and Aves

Onell Design: Rechlen and Aves

Onell Design: Rechlen and Aves

Onell Design: Rechlen and Aves

Onell Design: Rechlen and Aves

Friday, December 17, 2010

BLObPUS Inner Monsters Custom Toy Show at Kaiju Blue Gallery!!

BLObPUS Inner Monsters Show
Nenkeishi Sunaga Kentarou

wow, some amazing customs from the BLObPUS "Inner Monsters" Custom Toy Show held at Kaiju Blue Gallery which opened last night. 10 contemporary artists were invited to participate including:

Off off.
Kimura Toshiyuki
Gouda Yousuke
Tamai Takeshi
Nenkeishi Sunaga Kentarou
Hanawa Masayoshi
Maezawa Taeko
Mawatari Ginjiro
Mitsui Takaaki
Murasumi Tomoya

BLObPUS Inner Monsters Show

BLObPUS Inner Monsters Show

Tamai Takeshi
BLObPUS Inner Monsters Show

Kimura Toshiyuki
BLObPUS Inner Monsters Show

Hanawa Masayoshi
BLObPUS Inner Monsters Show

Maezawa Taeko
BLObPUS Inner Monsters Show

Check out the exclusive Beroron DX

More pictures after the jump...

NISTUFF x Onell Design 8 Weeks of Custom Madness..!

is-ngh-fhero-lightb 400x441

Week One of the 8 weeks of custom Onell Glyos figures from NISTUFF begins today! Each week another set of custom figures will be sold. This week it's six figures total. Three Metaluner Protectors and Three Fallen Heroes (above) sold blind bagged. Looking forward to next week..!

is-ngh-mluner-lightb 400x554

Also available are these custom Armodocs.
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