Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Introduction to INNER MONSTERS Participating Artists: Oki-Chu

automatically translated from BLObPUS Blog


1979 Born in Mie Prefecture.
2003 Graduated from School of Design Illustration Yasushi Shigeru class.

Painter, writer drawing, 2002, starting with his first solo exhibition [P]
Started working in Kyoto. Since some of the solo exhibition.
Also participated in various group exhibitions. In 2005, the playing field moved to Tokyo, paint, Drawings and cartoons, a trial and error [picture] Various techniques for representation, The canvas will be established in their own inner world.

The products under the concept artwork for 落Toshi込Mu off Okinawa,
Label Design "in ink" began.
Since her first exhibition at the Goods, to work regularly, such as T-shirts and art books.

2007 Goudayousuke in Kyoto, along with their Yoshikawashougo Raibudoro
Ingupati] [bLack 2bLack launched, has been held irregularly.
Currently, off off the regular writer. Goudayousuke Yoshikawashougo - Nakagawa Atsuo, Bibi on VJ Murai, Masahiro Fujii cooperation project (APN) to a roster, Each time, welcome guest musicians and various guest writers,
[Viewing] the theme of awakening room, a live performance by drawing a constructive and destructive, Produce a space that evokes a visual and physical dance.

In 2008, in collaboration with artist spaces in the garage at home Oota Motoko] [mograg garage be opened. Involved in planning and booking of other galleries, podcasts] [mograg RADIO personalities working well.

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