Wednesday, December 08, 2010

toybot studios does LOVE MOVEMENT....!!!

after several emails, phone calls, IMs and twisting Jeremy's arm, I finally got into the LOVE MOVEMENT Show...! But Kirkland, you're doing a stupid robot again. It's a lame homage to Votoms and not even in the proper color scheme..! Worse, it has nothing to do with the LOVE MOVEMENT theme..! Au contraire mon frere..! The relationship between a pilot and mech is very intimate. Not unlike your relationship with your car. You love your car don't you? You can imagine in battle with artificial intelligence, this bond is even greater.

shout out to my man Dustin for schooling me on the proper way to weather..!

Come this Saturday to Superfrog Gallery at New People to join Shin Tanaka and Nao for the LOVE MOVEMENT..!!!!

toybot studios for LOVE MOVEMENT

toybot studios for LOVE MOVEMENT

toybot studios for LOVE MOVEMENT


blakewest said...

I think it's a sweet custom Kirkland! Looks like you used some 3A arms from the T-boy mech. I like the concept of a pilot and AI mech. Futurelove!

toybot studios said...

thanks Blake! yes, 3A WWRp Arms and if you look closely, the left shoulder armor is the top of a Bertie head. hahhaa.

Dustin said...

Like I said on the flickr, nice work. For me, the articulation of the 3A arms really makes this custom a winner.

Nice job with the weathering, too. I'd say you've pretty much got the hang of it. All it cost you was a pastrami sandwich (with a fried egg on it). ;)

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