Monday, June 30, 2008


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It is with great honor that I present you a sneak peek into PUSHEAD's SKELETAL CARNIVAL 3 at San Diego Comic Con 2008 at the Super7 Booth Thursday, July 24th at 3:39pm. SKELETAL CARNIVAL is an event held only in Japan up until NOW!! SKELETAL CARNIVAL 3 will showcase amazing artists chosen by Pushead to participate in all the glory that is SDCC!!

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One of the 3 artists at PUSHEAD'S SKELETAL CARNIVAL 3 will be MIKE SUTFIN. Some of you might know Mike's work from MAGIC & WARCRAFT cards. Through a kind arrangement with RUMBLE MONSTERS, Mike has handpainted, signed and numbered a super limited edition of 39custom BOP DRAGONs especially for this event. Here's a sneak peek! SKELETAL CARNIVAL 3 starts at 3:39pm Thursday July 24 at the SUPER7 booth.

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Mike and Pushead were kind enough to loan me two of custom Bop Dragons to photograph for this sneak peek. I have to tell you that pictures...any pictures, really do not do these customs justice. The hand-painted detail is so amazing that you could sit there and just stare at the dragons noticing another texture or nuance every time your eyes passed. I thought some special chemical technique was used to get the effect, but Mike told me it's just brush work. There are only going to be 39 of these amazing customs at SDCC so you better save your money and line up early cause these do not disappoint!!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Charatics King Walder Set!!

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Charatics has been making this neat little King Walder set for a while now. I have almost all of the sets and I have to say that I think this one is the coolest colorway. The set itself is beyond awesome. I'd love to see Charatics do more crazy, off-the-wall colorways especially clears....

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What does a guy who not only owns one of the largest collections of Japanese toys in the world, but also a toy store obsess over? You might be surprised. Brian Flynn, owner of Super7 and uber collector is a completist. When he likes a particular toy, he wants to own every colorway, variant, prototype, one-off, whatever. Here are but a few examples of his obsessions. Above: Skull Toys Doku Rocks.


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Cronic! Dorogami:

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It's when I look at pictures like these that a) I'm glad i'm not a completist and b) I realize I didn't know so many different colorways even existed in these lines...Amazing...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Custom Gargadeath by Gatchabert!!!

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From the moment I saw this custom Gargadeath by Gatchabert, I was pretty smitten. I mean, a Gargadeath wearing a cumberlain suit? I love it!! Unfortunately, Bert is not one to part with his customs easily. Lucky for me, I had something he wanted even more which was a rare piece of Cronic. The stars aligned and somehow we made a trade. This guy photographs beautifully. Weird coinky dink that the colorway is so similar to the Ojo below?

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GID Ojo Rojo Dropping!!

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This insane Gargamel GID Ojo Rojo by Martin Ontiveros is dropping this week so get ready....

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Insane 1:1 scale Iron Votoms Scopedog by Kogoro Kurata!!

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Featured in an interview with PingMag, Japanese Ironsmith Kogoro Kurata has created a 1:1 scale Votoms Scopedog out of iron. Thank you Bryanarchy for posting this article!

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And how did you get from there to something like the giant ScopeDog robot?

ScopeDog is originally from an ’80s cartoon called Votoms, although it wasn’t a show I really watched. As a kid, I had made a plastic model of the ScopeDog robot and was just really attracted to the design and aesthetic. I wanted to make it to have more content for my website and blog but I think I really just wanted to prove to people that you can make huge things using iron. It ended up taking a year, and in the middle of it all I broke a bone working on it. It would have actually taken six months if I hadn’t gotten injured…

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