Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dead Presidents Custom Gargamel Desura!!!

IMG_3331 400x599

When I first pulled this guy out of the box, my jaw dropped. Although i've seen pictures of it before, those pictures, these pictures, any pictures just cannot do this amazing work of art justice. You have to see it in person to fully appreciate the talent involved here. This custom Gargamel Desura was painted and pinstriped by Matt Walker of Dead Presidents Design. Matt uses the same paint and techniques for those hot rods and custom motorcyles you see on TV. The effect on Japanese toys is mezmerizing. I could look at this guy all day long as it changes color slightly depending on how the light hits it from gold to orange to maroon. I see rainbow hued holographic flake embedded in the paint application. But the highlight is the pinstriping. It's so impossibly detailed that I seriously cannot believe anyone could do this with a brush. Pinstriping on a huge car is one thing, but on a 4.5" toy is quite another. Simply superb. I just received another set of these guys that will blow your mind so check back from more custom pinstripe kaiju from Dead Presidents!

IMG_3307 400x599

IMG_3309 400x599

IMG_3306 400x599

IMG_3317 400x599

IMG_3314 400x599

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