Thursday, June 05, 2008

Get Ready!!! 4' ft Tall Mono Kaws Companion Dropping!!!!

4ft_companion_grey 400x532 will be updated tomorrow at 12pm EST with new products by OriginalFake. This update will also include The KAWS 4FT COMPANION (produced by Medicom Toy) available for domestic U.S. orders only.

God only knows how much this guy is gonna go for. $4k? Last time I tried to purchase something from Kawsone, it was 30 frustrating minutes of refreshing hoping I could get the Black Dissected into my shopping cart...I still have nightmares. While I don't think tomorrow would be that bad since this 4 ft monstrosity costs as much as a mortgage payement, there does appear to be some other stuff going online as well....ugh....

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