Monday, June 02, 2008

Skullbrain Custom Chaos Swap!!!

2rowszt2 400x266

We have all been buying up blank RealxHead Chaos figures from Kaiju-Taro when Redhanded decided to take a page out of Hiro's Art Trade and hold a Custom Chaos Swap!!! We would all customize a Chaos figure and then anonymously trade it with another participant. You don't know which figure you will receive. Luckily from the looks of things, there really isn't any bad eggs in the group of ten. Guys really went all out with their customs including switching out and customizing the eye!! Thank You goes out to Rodney for coordinating this cool event, taking all of them in, taking pictures and video and sending them all out!! I would be proud to display any one of these interesting custom Chaos on my shelf!

c3nc8 400x423

c4nr5 400x448

c2lz1 400x323

c1xs2 400x371

31027006ks7 400x442

41113830ic8 400x442

39100936qa5 400x442

65119551ck2 400x442

69383172hv0 400x442

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