Wednesday, June 11, 2008

toybot studios custom Itokin Park Mikazukin Kikaida Tribute!!

IMG_1380 400x533

With more than a nod to the legendary Paul Kaiju, and as a lifetime fan of Kikaida, I painted this tribute on a clear Itokin Park Mikazukin or Moon Boy. I love this figure and i've always wanted to try a Kikaida theme. Man, was it a ton of masking work!! I got a bunch of scrap motherboards and cut them up to stick in the head. I also tried running a LED raver necklace in the head. I'll be painting a few more of these cyborg type Mikazukins but not as detailed as this one.

IMG_1371 400x533

IMG_3233 400x599

IMG_3226 400x599

IMG_3222 400x599

IMG_3240 400x599

IMG_3242 400x599


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