Monday, June 02, 2008

toybot studios custom Travela by Doze Green!!

IMG_3289 400x599

I've always been a fan of Doze Green's Travela figure. It's one of those almost iconic designer toys I first noticed years ago on a shelf in some hip and trendy shop. But I never liked the yellow colorway. A couple of years ago, I saw a custom Travela for sale at a toy show, but they wanted like $250 for it, so I decided to track one down on eBay and paint it myself. Although it might appear to be just blue, it's actually several shades of both blue and purple with two different colors of metallic flake caked on. It definitely has that 50's space-age astronaut vibe. They made like 2,000 of these guys so hopefully the anti-custom police won't arrest me.

IMG_3291 400x599

IMG_3292 400x599

IMG_3294 400x599

How about a roof party?

IMG_1413 400x533

IMG_1402 400x533

IMG_1417 400x533

IMG_1421 400x533

Before Picture:

IMG_1264 400x533


Sjors Trimbach said...

This rocks! Super color way!

toybot studios said...

Thanks Sjors!!

Anonymous said...

Nice! I was the dude that painted the first custom Travela, with the red and black. This is sick! Shit, I haven't customized stuff in a while.

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