Wednesday, June 18, 2008

World's Largest Touma Collection!!!

tr1 400x299

Since we just posted up the Custom Skuttle Contest entries, I thought it would be nice to post up these pics of the "Worlds Largest Touma Collection"!!! Is it really the World's Largest Touma Collection? I have no idea, but if you know of someone that has a larger Touma collection, please let me know. It's certainly the largest Touma collection i've ever seen. By all means, prove me wrong. That would also be a sight to see. Owned by BxHTouma, the story goes that at a recent toy show, this collector brought a list of all his toys to show to Touma. Apparently it was like 8 pages long single space or something and even Touma himself was impressed with the depth of his collection...There are definitely more than one or two pieces here that I need....

tr9 400x268

tr8 400x245

tr7 400x288

tr6 400x289

tr4 400x299

tr11 400x224

tr10 400x285

rt2 400x299

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