Tuesday, June 24, 2008


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What does a guy who not only owns one of the largest collections of Japanese toys in the world, but also a toy store obsess over? You might be surprised. Brian Flynn, owner of Super7 and uber collector is a completist. When he likes a particular toy, he wants to own every colorway, variant, prototype, one-off, whatever. Here are but a few examples of his obsessions. Above: Skull Toys Doku Rocks.


heaters_lo 400x238

Cronic! Dorogami:

dorogamis_lo 400x255


beetlars_lo 400x206

It's when I look at pictures like these that a) I'm glad i'm not a completist and b) I realize I didn't know so many different colorways even existed in these lines...Amazing...

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krakit said...

Thanks for posting these pics.

I never knew so many Bettlars
existed! Wow! Hopefully one
day I'll own the red and
black one. I had a plain green
one in my basket while shopping
Super 7, but they sold out of
them before I could check out!!!
(Ha ha ha no matter how close I
get, the Beetlar escapes! )
So the I think the Beetlar photo
needs to include that plain green
one to be complete. Who really
knows? There might be 5 other
colorways out there I've never

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