Wednesday, June 04, 2008

toybot studios for Super 7 Custom Zag Contest!!

IMG_1388 400x533

As part of the festivities this Saturday for Super7 7th Anniversary, a special run of clear Gargamel standard size Zags were ordered up for anyone that wanted to paint and enter them into the Super 7 x Gargamel Zagoran Contest. The winner would actually have their colorway made into a production run!! I purchased two of these guys and had a blast painting them. In a departure for me, I actually painted one of them gold with very little blue or purple, but stuck a 8" Henshin Cyborg inside. The 2nd Zag is painted in more traditional toybot studios colors...

IMG_1366 400x533

IMG_1362 400x533

IMG_1356 400x533

IMG_1364 400x533

IMG_3281 400x599

IMG_3250 400x599

IMG_3266 400x599

IMG_3268 400x599

IMG_3273 400x599

IMG_3263 400x599

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pickleloaf said...

your second zag in traditional toybot colors is exactly the kind of look i wanted to go for with my bizarro zag.... although the execution on yours looks to be much nicer!

i am officially envious. nice work

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