Tuesday, June 17, 2008

One-Up Custom Touma Skuttle Show 2008!!

img080y 400x299

I finally found the link to One Up 2008 Custom Skuttle Show!!! There were a few really interesting ones and there were some not so good entries, but overall the popularity of the Skuttle continues to grow. Here are some of my favorites...Pictures courtesy of Plastica Entertainment and One-Up...!

img080 400x299

2575512134_4ef119ce4f_o 400x533

2575512194_46576e6d84_o 400x299

2574686375_e765b1850f_o 400x533

2574686339_235e48f07b_o 400x533

2574686289_5c0b20526a_o 400x533

2008-9-2 400x400

2008-29-2 400x400

2008-28-2 400x400

2008-26-3 400x400

2008-26-4 400x400

2008-22-2 400x400

2008-18-2 400x400

2008-17-2 400x400

2008-15-2 400x400

IMGP7577 400x400

IMGP7607 400x400

2008-14-4 400x400

2008-13-2 400x400

2008-11-2 400x400

2008-11-4 400x400

IMGP7611 400x400

IMGP7615 400x400

IMGP7637 400x400

IMGP7684 400x400

IMGP7320 400x400

IMGP7324 400x400

UPDATED: More cool custom Skuttles added to the One-Up site...!!! Some of my favorites....

2008-31-2 400x400

2008-32-1 400x400

2008-34-2 400x400

2008-34-4 400x400

2008-35-2 400x400

2008-35-4 400x400

2008-36-1 400x400

2008-39-3 400x400

2008-40-2 400x400

2008-40-4 400x400

2008-41-2 400x400

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