Monday, June 09, 2008

Super 7 7th Anniversary Party Part 1: Set Up!!

IMG_1457 400x533

Preparations for Super7 7th Anniversary Party have been going on for months, but Saturday morning, things got into full swing beginning with the delivery of the old skool coin-op vids. The guy showed up and said unfortunately there was a substitution. Tempest was sadly broken and had to be replaced with Defender (which broke down later in the evening). So we had Ms. Pacman, Frogger, Defender, Joust, Donkey Kong and Tron. The games were the real deal. No re-furbs here. We were literally playing with machines that are close to 30 years old??!! Crazy!!

IMG_1439 400x533

IMG_1443 400x533

IMG_1452 400x533

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IMG_1460 400x299

IMG_1467 400x299

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Even though the rest of the store had to get packed up and stored in back to make way for the customs, Zag Contest and S7 exclusive toy archive, pretty much the rest of the morning was spent like this.....

IMG_1475 400x299

but Alex managed to get everything cleaned up in only a few hours....

IMG_1501 400x533

Kiyoka and Koji setting up their customs and artwork...

IMG_1506 400x533

IMG_1510 400x299

IMG_1500 400x533

IMG_1510 400x299

IMG_1499 400x533

The yummy Gargamel customs....dr00l.....

IMG_1511 400x533

My transparent and feeble attempt to influence the judges was met ridicule....

IMG_1507 400x533

Zag Heaven...

IMG_1512 400x533

Part II tomorrow!!!!!

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