Monday, June 16, 2008

Secret Base Customs by Hellopike!!!

hunterbg 400x285

Secret Base uber fan Phil aka Hellopike has been posting pics of his customs recently and I gotta say I dig them. When most of the planet is customizing other Japanese toys, Hellopike has stuck with his guns and passion for the OG Japanese designer toy: Secret Base. I'm glad too cause I own a ton of Secret Base and seeing customs like these kinda re-invigorates my interest in the 'Base. My favorite is this Hunting set featuring a Skullwing and Rangeas. Note the arms on the wing are from the SB Mantis. Nice touch!! Looking forward to more cool customs from Hellopike!!

hunterwing01 400x485

rangeas 400x600

hunters01 400x600

enigma01 400x600

bloodwing01 400x600

merry02 400x599

visitor01 400x600

visitor03 400x599

nigel01 400x600

jungle01 400x266

jungle02 400x266

visitor2-03 400x476

visitor2-01 400x317

microbrain 400x266

microbrain2 400x266

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