Tuesday, November 30, 2010

BLObPUS Bio Hazard Murder Blob Revealed...!!

BLObPUS Bio Hazard Murder Blobs

Super secret sources reveal the upcoming BLObPUS Bio Hazard Murder Blob colorways. The clear above is the regular release and the one below is the super rare chase version. Pre-Order yours from Lulubell Toys right now...!!!

BLObPUS Bio Hazard Murder Blobs

Paul Kaiju Pollen Kaiser in Nature

5221913284_279b4363a9_z 400x530

Max Toy Co. Beauty and the Kaiju Show

Max Toy Characters meet 6 beautiful and talented Japanese women artists such as Tulip, Namiko, Konatsu, JoBo;LuBo, Hiroe and Teresa.

Postcard for the Beauty and the Kaiju show, December 22-24, 2010, Design Festa Gallery, West, Harajuku, Japan. A small glimpse at 6 amazing pieces of art for this giclee print project. Check the Max Toy web site for updated info: http://www.maxtoyco.com/

Heavy Brambles Shipping NOW...!

heavyshipping 400x409

oh man, oh man..! Excited about these guys. Those boxes look huge.

New Drops from Gargamel for December...!!!

new Gargamel dropping

Question: When was the last time Gargamel dropped Gacha Mechas back to back? Answer: Never. Which is fine by me cause I think Gacha Mechas are the most underated Gargamel toy.

We have Bwana Spoon's new Randall
new Gargamel dropping

and Boris (wish they were painted, but there is time for that)
new Gargamel dropping

Monday, November 29, 2010

Murder BLObPUS: Biological Hazard version. PRE-ORDER

translated via: BLObPUS

The first closed-type formula MURDER BLObPUS provision. Contamination can be custom built into a single point of patterns and secrets. The real picture is an image so that the contents contained in metal cans are not visible.

DX incorporation into the internal organs can also custom point type and one of the secret! ! Ordered in a panic sale of content and metal cans.

※ The photograph is an image thing because it is in the inside metal cans are not visible.

PRE-ORDER yours now from Lulubell Toys for $105.

Dead Presidents x Callgrim = Micronaut Homage

Dead Presidents x Callgrim

Hell yes. DP rules. Callgrim rules. Onell rules. Sure as hell Micronauts rule. More info soon.

Dead Presidents x Callgrim

Bruno Mars Parody: Cosplay With My Heart

Custom Mongolion by Hellopike

Another winner by Hellopike. Custom Mongolion.

Fuck Black Friday. Long Live Cyber Monday..!!

5213717048_6c6f16b2f5_z 400x308

via: Monstrehero
We will be having a huge sale starting Monday 11/29 at 12 noon PST. The first 5 orders to use the coupon code "MONSTREMONDAY" will receive 10% off their whole order. In the store will be our newest editions to the MH line...T-shirts!

This post is coming to you from the future. Everyone has Apple brand iJet Packs and free streaming Netflix on your contact lens eyePhones. Here is a futuristic coupon that will save you 15% on all your purchases. This coupon will be activated on November 29th, 2010 and will be good for the day on Ningyoushi.com

Use coupon code CYBER2010 at checkout to get 15% off your entire order
nin2010cybermonday1 400x284

Random Japanese Anime Art

Oono Tutomu

Semi random illustrations posted by our ex-pat Alice in Japan..!

Alisa Ota and Tokiya
Alisa Ota and Tokiya

Alisa Ota and Tokiya

Alisa Ota and Tokiya

Alisa Ota and Tokiya

Alisa Ota and Tokiya

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Medicom Project 1/6 Exclusve Gargamel Deathra..!!

Medicom Project 1/6 Exclusive Gargamel Deathra to be released on December 5th the the Project 1/6 retail store in Tokyo. Very limited edition. 6,800 Yen.

Gargamel x Medicom Exclusive Deathra

3A Bertie MK3 Pre-Order TONIGHT @ 5pm PDT

sandmk3 400x409
sandmk3.2 400x267
desertmodeB 400x290 400x289

Here are all the configurations that will be available at Bambaland Store:

Mode A= Shotgun
Mode B= Cannon

4 pack, Desert B, Deep Powder A, Merc A, JEA A. $940 usd
singles for all variants:
Desert A and B, Deep A and B, Merc A, JEA A, $250 usd
Deep Double pack A and B $500 usd
Desert Double pack A and B $500 usd
NW/DW, who knows
3AA members have 24 hours for all except NW/DW"

jeamk3 400x293
Jeamk3.2 400x360
jeamodeA 400x291 400x290

mercmk3 400x369
mercmk3.2 400x291
dutchmodeA1 400x287 400x286

powdermk3 400x306
powdermk3.2 400x256
deepmodeB 400x405 400x404

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lulubell Holiday Uamou Exclusives...!!

Happy Holidays everyone!

What better way to start the festive season than with 3 cute new Holiday inspired Uamou's!?!

Thankful Uamou is cast in clear green vinyl and has her tummy filled with colorful acorns! $26
IMG_4521 400x533

Rock the Bells Uamou is cast in wintery clear blue vinyl with silver tone jingle bells inside! $26
IMG_4522 400x533

Sweet Treats Uamou & Boo set is filled with sugar & spice and everything nice! Mini Candy Cane, Peppermint & snowflake make you just want to shake her & watch it snow! $28

All three holiday cuties will be available this Saturday, November 27th, at Noon Pacific online & in store!

Hope you all enjoy a safe & festive holiday season.

With warmth & appreciation,

Amy Del Castillo
Toy Temptress

New RealxHead x Onell Mini Pheyaos on Sale Friday, Nov. 26th @ 5pm PDT

PheyaosGotoSpecialEdition3 400x299

From Onell Blog

On another note that kind of took us by surprise, we have a new run of Pheyaos ready to go! Due to the EMS craziness that has been going on, Mori wanted to get something over to us before the new restrictions went into effect. Since our next Pheyden wasn't quite ready in time, Mori put together a very cool mini run of Pheyaos in record time! The thing that is completely wild about this edition is that Goto-san applied a DIFFERENT paint application to every single figure! Even though at first glance they all look somewhat similar, each has its own thing going on. Out of nowhere and super unique! Once again Mori proves he is the true Sensei of the toy world.

The new Pheyaos will go on sale Friday, November 26th at 8PM EST (Black Metallic Friday). They will run $35 each and are limited to one per customer. There will also be a little surprise going up that was inspired by all the awesome work Mori has been doing all over the place right now.

PheyaosGotoSpecialEdition 400x279

Kits Spotted on Ride the Machine

Like pictures of all kinds of Cycles? Do yourself a favor and check out the blog Ride the Machine. Samuel posts pictures of all kinds of cycles every day. That's it. Just pictures of bikes. You gotta love the focus. Like this kit in development of this Figma cutey on a monobike from the manga Gantz spied HERE

Or how about this interesting 1/20 "Hound Dog" mech from the Ma.K universe spied HERE

s_027a 400x299

s_027b 400x533

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Japanese Vinyl, Kaiju & Beyond: New Work by Gargamel & Friends @ Rotofugi Gallery

from: Rotofugi Gallery

Exhibit Information
Japanese Vinyl, Kaiju & Beyond
New Work by Gargamel & Friends
December 10, 2010 - January 9, 2011

Opening Reception
Friday, December 10, 2010, 7-10PM
Gargamel artist Kiyoka Ikeda and Koji Harmon (Cometdebris) will be in attendance.

About the Artists
As innovators in Japan's thriving neo-kaiju (monster toy) scene Gargamel have spearheaded a growing movement to push soft vinyl (sofubi) toys into a genuine art form. Formed in 2002, and producing their own figures since 2003, Gargamel have continually pushed the boundaries of the new art of vinyl. Their role as frequent collaborators with artists in both Japan (such as Koji Harmon, aka Cometdebris) and in the United States have earned them not only respect, but a growing audience of international collectors.

Based in Tokyo, the members of Gargamel not only produce their own figures, but are all talented traditional artists in their own right, exhibiting in exhibits around the globe. And as if that weren't enough, they also operate a flagship store/gallery in Tokyo, Thrash Out.

About the Exhibit
This is Gargamels's first exhibit at Rotofugi Gallery, though they have participated in previous exhibits such as our original Toy Karma exhibit in 2007.

Jesse Hernandez Does Aztec-Inspired Gaiking??!!

Jesse Hernandez is a super cool guy. I've always wanted to see him paint a Japanese robot in his Aztec theme. Well, it looks like we get the next best thing: Working with RAJE Toys, Jesse is going to make an Aztec-themed robot/monster homage to Gaiking...! Looking forward to this guy.

Monday, November 22, 2010

RealxHead Jelly Minis

UPDATE: A couple of readers have chimed in to let my un-educated ass know that they are special dye jobs from the amazing Shef for Superfestival...!!Great job. Wish I could get my grubby hands on some..! More..! More!

Datadub posted this series of pics of RealxHead clear minis. Not sure if they have been dyed, customs or part of a new run of minis. I'm hoping it's the latter because regardless of what other people think, RxH minis are still awesome and collectible.

RxH Jelly Minis

RxH Jelly Minis

RxH Jelly Minis

RxH Jelly Minis

RxH Jelly Minis

RxH Jelly Minis

RxH Jelly Minis

RxH Jelly Minis
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