Monday, November 01, 2010

Time with Lorne. Toy Tokyo NYC

Lorne talking about Blind Boxes reminded me of the last visit to Toy Tokyo five years ago. I had to dig deep for this post:

On a recent trip to Toy Tokyo in New York, I looked at the Metal Gear Solid trading figures and thought there is only one that I didn't want out of the entire series which was the lame computer girl Emma. Of course, I got her. I was pissed, but I was compelled to buy another one so I wouldn't leave disappointed. So I bought another one and got Emma again. I was beside myself at this point and I knew I couldn't leave without one figure that I liked. I wanted to buy another one, but this time the guy behind the counter let me bend the box so I could see inside and it was another Emma! I was bummed and after shelling out $10 each, I just left both Emma’s behind.


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