Friday, November 19, 2010

New Resin Figure "Oni Baba" by Mikie Graham @ DesignerCon!!

From Mikie Graham:

I'm contacting you tonight with news of my newest artistic venture, a small self run toy line named "Yokaiju." Although I love working with Blamo Toys I have decided to also branch off and make some of my own resin figures.I will be releasing my first character "Oni Baba" at Dcon.

About "Yokaiju:"

Yokaiju is a new concept from long time customizer, Zombiemonkie aka Mikie Graham from Blamo Toys. The word and concept are a mash up of two Japanese terms.

1: Yokai: traditional Japanese ghosts and monsters created over hundreds of years of oral story telling. Yokai are more than just monsters, they are unique characters with interesting back stories that often have a strong moral core.

2: Kaiju: giant battle monsters, shrunken down into a unique monster figure.

Combining the two words you get a nonsense jumble word "Yokaiju" which perfectly encapsulates Mikie's concept: fun, creepy, handmade monster toys that you can love, collect, and yes, even fight with!

Oni Baba add 400x290

About "Oni Baba:"
Oni Baba, the first character in the Yokaiju line, is portrayed wearing a traditional Japanese Hannya mask. Hannya masks have been worn in Japanese Noh Theater for hunderds of years to represent a jealous or malicious woman whom has gone mad and transformed into demon form. The figure itself is hand cast from solid resin and is painted in a combination of airbrush and dry brush techniques.

Sporting 2 points of articulation (hands), Oni Baba comes housed in a traditional Kaiju style bag and header. Each purchase includes a printed 6X9 bio card / mini character print. This "Blue Demon" colorway is a limited edition of ONLY 8, 4 of which will be available this coming weekend at SpankyStokes Dcon booth for $90.

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