Monday, November 08, 2010

All Souls Uamou & Boo at Lulubell Toys..!!

via: Lulubell Toys

Tucson, AZ is not only home to Lulubell Toys, but we also host one of the largest All Souls Processions in the country. Based on the Mexican "Dia de los Muertos" holiday, the All Souls Procession honors those who have passed on. Thousands of people dress as muertos & make home-made floats and shrines to honor and remember loved ones. The procession always falls in the Sunday after Halloween, which is today, and this year it is culminating in a huge finale right across the street from our new location! To celebrate this amazing Tucson tradition, we are releasing our "All Souls" Uamou set tonight!

Happy, Sad, Dazed & Ouch Uamou and Boo pairs are cast from clear orange vinyl and come filled with colored smiling clay skulls, reminding us to hold in hearts the happy times. All Souls Uamou is a super limited run, and can be picked up in-store tonight starting at 7pm AZ time (6pm Pacific), or online on the home page at the same time. $28 each set

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