Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New RealxHead x Onell Mini Pheyaos on Sale Friday, Nov. 26th @ 5pm PDT

PheyaosGotoSpecialEdition3 400x299

From Onell Blog

On another note that kind of took us by surprise, we have a new run of Pheyaos ready to go! Due to the EMS craziness that has been going on, Mori wanted to get something over to us before the new restrictions went into effect. Since our next Pheyden wasn't quite ready in time, Mori put together a very cool mini run of Pheyaos in record time! The thing that is completely wild about this edition is that Goto-san applied a DIFFERENT paint application to every single figure! Even though at first glance they all look somewhat similar, each has its own thing going on. Out of nowhere and super unique! Once again Mori proves he is the true Sensei of the toy world.

The new Pheyaos will go on sale Friday, November 26th at 8PM EST (Black Metallic Friday). They will run $35 each and are limited to one per customer. There will also be a little surprise going up that was inspired by all the awesome work Mori has been doing all over the place right now.

PheyaosGotoSpecialEdition 400x279

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