Friday, November 05, 2010

New Super 7 Drops Coming Soon..!!!

Who's hungry? A certain space-travelling hamburger is back on the menu. Sensational spaced out artist Arbito of Seattle serves up a second helping of Patty Power, prepared well done. Available Saturday, November 6th, $30 each.

mummy_gator_blue_blog 400x533

Don't feel blue, Mummy Gator is back! He may be looking a bit blue himself, but he remains as happy as ever. Available 11/13....

fire_robo_promo_blog 400x448

Undaunted by danger, unphased by fire, the robotic rescue machine, Fire Robo, rises from the ashes to save the day again and again! The mechanical hero emerges this time in translucent green, reclaiming the hues of a classic mechanical menace... Available Saturday, November 13th, 11am Pacific.

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