Friday, October 31, 2008

Treasures from Tokyo: US Toys!!!

IMG_4804 400x599

Curses to Joe and Alex for introducing me to US Toys Minis!!! Several weeks ago, Alex showed me this set with the two Baltans and Ultraman. The yummy clear blue Baltan with tinsel inside seemed to be unreachable. Both sets were sold before they even hit the floor. BUT as fate would have it, at Super Festival in Tokyo, I spied the very same set at the US Toys table and it would become my first purchase of the day!! Hard to think of a better way to start Super Festival!!

IMG_4802 400x599

IMG_4803 400x599

IMG_4798 400x599

IMG_4801 400x599

Toygraph Space Trooper Invasion Continues!!!

13844 400x400

The invasion of Toygraph's Space Troopers continues with this latest set of Stealth Camo Troopers. Using technology stolen from Section 9, these troopers are ready to invade before your very eyes!

13845 400x400

13843 400x400

get 'em with metallic Green, Blue or GID for $70 each at Super7

What could be next? Are the Space Troopers planning an all out assault on Earth? Reports of UFO's attacking major cities are flooding in...!!! Run for your lives!!! Were being INVADED!!!!

UFO2 400x533

UFO3 400x533

UFO4 400x533

Super 7 Halloween Hood Zombie!!!

s7hallowszombie 400x549

The Hood Zombie follows Stomp, Squirm and Zag Zombie in this years Halloween set, each dressed in the traditional Super7 October atire, orange and black. This 5" Shocker-Style Zombie figure is cast in clear orange vinyl with black, yellow, silver, and orange spray with removeable gloves and hood, to hide hs spooky skull head and skeleton hands.

The Halloween 2008 Hood Zombie will be offered for sale at $55, Saturday November 1st, 11am Pacific at the Super7 Store and online.

Monster Worship Spookhouse Skull Series!!!

2984099873_8de7670a91 400x308

Check out the latest from fellow Skullbrainer Lurker...

beak presents: the spookhouse skull series

limited resin casts of authentic carnival spookhouse skulls from the late 1950’s. these macabre graveyard classics are hand pulled from fresh molds & are 1/4 life size!

Available this Halloween, Friday 10.31.2008 at

$15.00 each plus postage.

a complete series of 13 to be released over the next year!


Thursday, October 30, 2008

New CollectionDX Exclusive Nor'easter ver. Vegetius!!!

Noreastervegetius 400x405

From CollectionDX

CollectionDX is proud to announce our latest exclusive toy - the Nor'easter ver. Vegetius!

Vegetius stands 12 inches tall and is made out of translucent blue glitter soft vinyl. Made in Japan by the master craftsmen at Marmit, Vegetius has 5 points of articulation and is limited to 50 pieces.

From the Kaiju Big Battel website:

"Vegetius is being most beast-like creature of Big Battel. No man and no monster can cantrolling giant bird-turtle when lunchtime is the nearing. Foraging for the roots of deliciousness is activity number one in forest and jungle home places. Stand by the side for Vegetius and friend counted, but stopping the will of pointy headed one and shell pain he brings!"

uhh, yeah.

This color scheme is meant to evoke the harsh, cold winter of the New England region, home to both CollectionDX and Kaiju Big Battel.

Pre-Order Now from the CollectionDX Store

Custom Real x Head Mutant Chaos by Tan-Ki !!!

1225202743_chaos1 400x274

I always think it's quite interesting when artists new to customizing Japanese toys give it a spin. Case and point, Western customizer Tan-Ki lending his talents and interesting style to a RealxHead Mutant Chaos. I think the results are amazing!! I think next time i'd like to see a bit more color!!

1225202825_chaos9 400x266

1225202793_chaos6 400x266

1225202807_chaos7 400x266

1225202754_chaos2 400x599

1225202781_chaos5 400x599

1225202763_chaos3 400x599

New Popsoda Retail Store Opens!!

2974958400_e0198494c0_o 400x533

Those hip cats from Popsoda have opened up a new retail store in Osaka! Pictures thanks to Andy over at Kaiju Korner. If you look closely, you might see a couple of toybot studios customs!!

2974106527_433866328a_o 400x299

2971570368_dafaabec56_o 400x299

2970727911_62851a1a9a_o 400x299

2971971408_e0e18bff51 400x299

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yamato Moto Slave Priss Metallic Version!!

TOY-RBT-0488_01 400x599

I've been holding back on buying this toy for a long time now. I think i've been permanently scarred by my first experience with Yamato's Bubblegum Crisis toys 3 years ago. I'm gun shy. When I first saw pictures of this toy, it has all the ingredients of an awesome figure for me. It has a motorcycle....that transforms! It has a hot chick in a cool hard suit. The motorcycle transforms into an armor suit ala Mospeada Ride Armor. What's not to like? Aside from being afraid that the thing would just fall apart on me, I thought the colorways were too plain jane. Well, good things come to those that wait. Cause this metallic version has my name all over it.

TOY-RBT-0488_03 400x601

TOY-RBT-0488_02 400x601

TOY-RBT-0488_04 400x514

TOY-RBT-0488_05 400x266

Now this version looks like a real motorcycle, not some plastic model kit. Ordered and done. I can hardly wait till it shows...Due out in December...!!

Max Factory 1/35 Commando Vorct Assault Lane Custom Scopedog!!

TOY-RBT-0457_03 400x361

I've been pretty underwhelmed with Max Factory's Commando Vorct Series. All the Scopedogs looks very similar and kinda blah. There was that one that had the giant sniper rifle that was kinda cool. But this Assault Lane Custom shows some promise. First it has the interesting crossbow with all the arrow quivers. Then it has the cool underwater helmet too. Lastly, it was the nice detailed tank treads. Out in December.

TOY-RBT-0457_07 400x534

TOY-RBT-0457 400x410

TOY-RBT-0457_05 400x643

TOY-RBT-0457_04 400x613

TOY-RBT-0457_06 400x693

More CM's Corp Mospeada Ride Armors !!!

TOY-RBT-0497_01 400x386

CM's Corp has two new Ride Armors from the Mospeada series. This Dark Bartley "Shinobu" Type has my attention... but alas, I may have to wait for it to go on sale before getting yet another Ride Armor....I would like to compare it to the other manufacturers versions though...Refer back to the Cyclone Beauty Contest!!!

TOY-RBT-0497_02 400x588

TOY-RBT-0497_03 400x246

This red "Fouquet" type is interesting...

TOY-RBT-0496_05 400x453

TOY-RBT-0496_04 400x390

TOY-RBT-0496_01 400x380

Dead Presidents Space Trooper Color Test

2967581773_e4277e4505_b 400x633

Matt Walker from Dead Presidents is testing out a new color for Toygraph uber popular Space Troopers. Digging the NASA orange...

2968426832_6273670dd3_b 400x689

2968426796_44db61df57 400x471

2967581689_701f9cea2e 400x332

Hmmm, I say if you're gonna go NASA Orange, go all the way. Maybe silver helmet with clear grey shield?

Picture below is David M. Brown who died during the re-entry of Space Shuttle Columbia. RIP.

479px-David_M__Brown%2C_NASA_photo_portrait_in_orange_suit 400x500

Instinct Toy and Mad Panda at One-Up!!!

inc-exhibition-oneup-new-fi 400x566

Instinct Toy toys are cool. They look like a bear that is getting electrocuted or something. Or maybe a bear that has too much hair gel in the morning. I wouldn't mind getting one, but the color has to be right. When I saw this ad for all these cool Limited Color versions, I send a note to One Up, but suspect I was too late for the clear purple one for example. Ken has this exclusive black one up....

oneup-inc-03 400x585

Speaking of One-Up, you're not too late to try and pre-order this crazy MAD PANDA "JHARK BONE "-PUMPKIN' CRUSHER- Insane.

IMGP8991 400x400

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