Thursday, October 09, 2008

Tokyo Day 3, Part 1: Super Festival!!!

IMG_0919 400x533

One of the big reasons for this trip to Japan was to attend Super Festival!! This was definitely one of the highlights of the trip and it did not disappoint!

Art Storm: New die-cast Mazingers due out in December!!

IMG_0886 400x533

IMG_0892 400x533

IMG_0893 400x533

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Shirakaruna decided to go BIG for Super Festival. They introduced this new hunchback sculp and had several of these figures in one-off handpaints.

IMG_0920 400x533

IMG_0888 400x533

IMG_0891 400x533

IMG_0887 400x533

IMG_0889 400x533

IMG_0890 400x533

Matt Walker of Dead Presidents with a table full of custom painted Rumble Monsters and Dream Rocket toys. Apparently, the Japanese collectors really appreciated his work and snatched them up!

IMG_0902 400x533

IMG_0900 400x533

IMG_0899 400x533

IMG_0897 400x533

IMG_0896 400x533

IMG_0903 400x533

IMG_0950 400x299

US Toys. I scored an awesome set with a irridescent Baltan. The first score of the day!!! Beware, these little buggers are addictive! Like eating your first potato chip...

IMG_0904 400x533

IMG_0906 400x533

IMG_0905 400x299

IMG_0910 400x299

Josh and the Giant Kanegon. Will he fit in overhead storage?

IMG_0907 400x533

Marusan game. I love this Goji and Marusan had this game where you thow these little bean bags at the toys and if you knock them over, you win them! So on my 2nd throw, I actually knocked down the Goji and was pretty stoked. Then the dude explained that you win a blind bag toy. It ended up being a flying Gamera which was not nearly as cool as this clear green Goji.

IMG_0915 400x533

IMG_0917 400x533

IMG_0916 400x533

Skullbrain member Ricky aka Velocitron and his very first toy: Bechigon!! Dude is living the Kaiju dream!!!

IMG_0912 400x533

Popsoda guys!! Very nice guys. I gave them the custom mini Popsoda figure I painted.

IMG_0921 400x533

IMG_0968 400x533

Cronic. What's this? New colorway? Maybe part of an upcoming collaboration...

IMG_0922 400x533

IMG_0926 400x533

IMG_0925 400x533

IMG_0924 400x533

Me, Yo and Cronic

IMG_0928 400x533

Pushead and BLObPUS.

IMG_0939 400x491

New Halloween set in collaboration with Killer J!

IMG_0938 400x533

Skull Toys introduces a prototype for his new vinyl figure..!! It will come with interchangeable heads!!

IMG_0979 400x533

IMG_0977 400x533

IMG_0978 400x533

Dragon Ball Z Ultraman?

IMG_0932 400x533

IMG_0945 400x533

IMG_0946 400x533

IMG_0948 400x299

IMG_0949 400x299


IMG_0952 400x533

IMG_0951 400x299


IMG_0956 400x533

IMG_0961 400x533

IMG_0962 400x533

IMG_0964 400x533

IMG_0965 400x533

the gun from Bladerunner

IMG_0967 400x533

IMG_0969 400x533

Had i noticed the price tag, I would have purchased this diorama. Cool!

IMG_0974 400x533

IMG_0973 400x533

IMG_0970 400x533

Pushead and Rumble Monsters

IMG_0983 400x290

IMG_0944 400x533

Imperial Moat

IMG_0988 400x533

IMG_0985 400x533

IMG_0986 400x533


Anonymous said...

Thank you sooo much for posting all of the photos and videos of your amazing trip. I live here in San Francisco too and would have given anything to have gone on this trip... but, I just couldn't swing it this year, hopefully next time! You really put together a nice little travel log here!
Thanks Toybot!

Dead Presidents Designs said...

Toybot Rules !!!! thanks for reporting!!!

Unknown said...

Hahahah niiiice... Big up Dead Presidents, so glad I nabbed one of your Dream Rocket customs... :-D

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