Monday, October 27, 2008

Anime Jungle Revisited!!!!

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I was down in LA to see my mom this weekend. Had to hit Chinatown and used it as an excuse to head over to Little Tokyo and Anime Jungle. It's a great toy store with a huge selection. I did a more thorough write-up a couple of years ago which can be read HERE.

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Prize goes the first person who can tell me the name of the original Japanese Toy Store that this Kamen Rider stood guard...

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I just saw this exact Mecha Godzilla in Tokyo for 6,500 Yen.

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s.a. said...

The large Kamen Rider figure (i belive) used to be in front of the great toy shop a few blocks away from where it is now-circa early eighties(seventies?)

I would spend hours there with my very patient mum..taking forever to pick a special treat.

very very fond memories.

I have to make a special trip there just to visit my old friend.

Anonymous said...
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dias said...

I went there once. I was stop by the security guard of taking pics withing that area. SO i was kinda amaze u took pretty much pics over there. Anime jungle was pretty awesome. The collection was really big. Right now i trying to find as many Anime shop in US as I'm a visitor here. If ya have more toy shops location like in LA and etc do let me know. :)

toybot studios said...

I asked the owner if I could take pictures since I was going to post on my blog and promote the store. He said Ok! Notice I also put up a link to Anime Jungle on the right.

My other favorite place to go for toys and anime is at the little mall called Empress Pavillion in LA Chinatown. There are a few toy/anime stores there including Robocon... search my blog for "Toy Vacation"

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