Friday, October 17, 2008

Goodbye Tokyo!!!!

083 400x299

I'd like to end this series with a set of pictures from Skullbrainer and fellow toy tourer and buddy Fabian who managed to capture these wonderful pictures of Japanese life. Thank you Fabian. Wonderful pictures!!

089 400x299

092 400x299

184 400x299

231 400x299

254 400x299

318 400x533

335 400x299

336 400x299

338 400x299

DSC00514 400x299

tokyo086 400x299

tokyoall009 400x299

tokyoall022 400x299

tokyoall028 400x299

tokyoall033 400x299

tokyoall039 400x299

tokyoall041 400x299

tokyoall073 400x299

tokyoall081 400x299

tokyoall104 400x299

Train to Narita Airport

IMG_1170 400x533

IMG_1172 400x533

Our Hotel

IMG_1173 400x533

Back to the USA!!

IMG_1179 400x533

Thank you to everyone that made this trip so special!! J, P, M, H, H, Brian, Glenn, Josh, Fabian, NickyG, Ben, Gargamel, Naoki, Yo, Dennis, MarkLD, Scott, Ricky, Lamour, DD, RumbleMonsters, Skull Toys, AstroZ, Artstorm....the list goes on and on!! Till next time...Sayonara!!

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Unknown said...

This trip was definitely, without doubt, one of the best, most enjoyable experiences of my life. Thanks so much to the Super 7 crew for making it happen, and thank you to EVERYBODY for being such an awesome, fun, welcoming bunch of people! Great times that will last as fond memories for a lifetime.

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