Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yamato Moto Slave Priss Metallic Version!!

TOY-RBT-0488_01 400x599

I've been holding back on buying this toy for a long time now. I think i've been permanently scarred by my first experience with Yamato's Bubblegum Crisis toys 3 years ago. I'm gun shy. When I first saw pictures of this toy, it has all the ingredients of an awesome figure for me. It has a motorcycle....that transforms! It has a hot chick in a cool hard suit. The motorcycle transforms into an armor suit ala Mospeada Ride Armor. What's not to like? Aside from being afraid that the thing would just fall apart on me, I thought the colorways were too plain jane. Well, good things come to those that wait. Cause this metallic version has my name all over it.

TOY-RBT-0488_03 400x601

TOY-RBT-0488_02 400x601

TOY-RBT-0488_04 400x514

TOY-RBT-0488_05 400x266

Now this version looks like a real motorcycle, not some plastic model kit. Ordered and done. I can hardly wait till it shows...Due out in December...!!

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s.a. said...

great!..i just sold my first gen motoslave. mainly because it had a very cheap plastic finish to it.

so now i have to go and re buy it with the cool new finish!


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