Monday, October 20, 2008

Tokyo Treasure: Marmit Vinyl Paradise Mazinger Z Set!!

IMG_4829 400x266

One of the finds in Tokyo is this Marmit Mazinger Z set found at Cosmo Knight Alpha. Released in 1999, I wouldn't call it "vintage", but you don't see these around too often. They are around 5-6 inches tall with articulation, plenty of character and anime goodness. Scored the set for only 15,000 yen which is a little less than $150 which sounds expensive, but a good deal for all four. The Doublas below is insane...

IMG_4807 400x599

one of my favorite villians, Garada K7

IMG_4817 400x599


IMG_4827 400x599

Mazinger Z

IMG_4824 400x599


hillsy said...

Good stuff, Kirkland. They also made a clear and clear blue VP PB Mazinger set...

Unknown said...

You should have bought 2 sets so I can buy one off you.

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