Thursday, October 16, 2008

Monster Art Rally @ Gallery 1988!!!

IMG_1271 400x533

Here are some pics and video of our night at the "Monster Art Rally" at Gallery 1988 SF last Friday. It was a fun scene with some cool cats including artists Leecifer and Drilone. Seems like Plushies are the new thing...We got a taste of the upcoming Kaiju Big Battel which is coming to SF for the first time on November 19th. Get your tickets now!!

IMG_1274 400x299

IMG_1275 400x533

IMG_1276 400x533

IMG_1277 400x299

IMG_1279 400x533

IMG_1280 400x533

How about a Zombie Plantain???

IMG_1281 400x533

IMG_1282 400x533

ok, how many of you remember Leslie Levings? She's gone big time on us!!!

IMG_1283 400x533

IMG_1284 400x533

Lee and Paul

IMG_1287 400x533

Lee, Paul, Bert and Rich

IMG_1288 400x533

Pacman Pillow

IMG_1289 400x533

IMG_1290 400x533

IMG_1292 400x533

Doktor A

IMG_1295 400x533


IMG_1296 400x533

IMG_1297 400x533

IMG_1299 400x533

Cameron Tiede Resin Toxic Melvin

IMG_1300 400x533

IMG_1302 400x533

IMG_1303 400x533

Jan getting mugged by a giant mushroom

IMG_1306 400x533

IMG_1308 400x533

Monster Art Rally Gallery 1988 SF from toybot studios on Vimeo.

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