Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Custom MG-100 Kaempfer by Al-Kaiser!!

2957220844_d5633da913_b 400x378

Not too often that I post kits anymore. Although I could spend a ton of time posting all the amazing works, there are other dedicated sites for that. But once in a while, something will catch my eye on flickr. Like this custom MG 100 Kaempfer by Guntaku Gunota extraordinaire al-kaiser. Not only is the Kaempfer one of my all time favorite Zeons, he's one of my all time fav mechs as well. al-kaiser gave this kit the royal bling-bling treatment with the pimp daddy blue and glossy, glossy clear coat. But look closely at the details and the metal finishes. That's a whole lotta after market parts there. Might be the "Tokyo Drift" of model kits. lol....Just amazing. One of the cleanest kit jobs ever.

2906845188_73ece03f88_b 400x533

2906002869_820b82ab08_b 400x533

2954702068_285d329626_b 400x238

2906841628_e93cc5a61c_b 400x299

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