Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Instinct Toy and Mad Panda at One-Up!!!

inc-exhibition-oneup-new-fi 400x566

Instinct Toy toys are cool. They look like a bear that is getting electrocuted or something. Or maybe a bear that has too much hair gel in the morning. I wouldn't mind getting one, but the color has to be right. When I saw this ad for all these cool Limited Color versions, I send a note to One Up, but suspect I was too late for the clear purple one for example. Ken has this exclusive black one up....

oneup-inc-03 400x585

Speaking of One-Up, you're not too late to try and pre-order this crazy MAD PANDA "JHARK BONE "-PUMPKIN' CRUSHER- Insane.

IMGP8991 400x400


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