Monday, October 13, 2008

Tokyo Day 3, Part 2: Nakano Broadway, One Up!!

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After Super Festival, I have my first opportunity to check out the mecca of Japanese toys: Nakano Broadway. Best described as a mall full of tiny toy stores, Nakano Broadway has three floors full of tiny shops, but not all of them toy stores. So much goodness here, that it's easy to burn out. These photos are actually the combination of two separate trips.

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First stop: One Up. After buying from Ken at One Up for the last few years, it's really cool to meet him in person. Very nice guy. He showed me some new colorways for Itokin Park and Touma Skuttle. He has so many toys, One Up actually has two stores inside Nakano Broadway on two different floors.

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Here is a peek at Kaijin's new figure. The horns are articulated too!

IMG_1014 400x533

Color sample for Skuttle X. 3-Color changing paint.

IMG_1018 400x533

Color sample for Skuttle. 2-Color changing paint.

IMG_1022 400x533

Pearlescent Green color sample

IMG_1019 400x533

Pearlescent Blue color sample

IMG_1020 400x533

Pearlescent Red color sample

IMG_1021 400x533

Color changing Gold color sample

IMG_1016 400x533

The latest Skuttle colorway, metallic lavender...

IMG_1069 400x533

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