Monday, October 13, 2008

Spray, Splattered, Brushed, Rubbed and Ruined Custom Show by LASH at Super 7

IMG_1317 400x533

LASH finally had his own solo custom toy show at Super7 this weekend. I have to say it did not fail to impress. LASH aka Rich Montanari, Jr. brought a ton of custom toys each with an amazing paint job. He also brought T-Shirts, framed prints and a book showcasing all of his custom toys to date. Talk about bringing the goods!! It was a great show with something for everyone. Anything that was not sold on Saturday promptly sold online at Super 7 today. I'm looking forward to the next LASH solo show already! Studio pics graciously provided by LASH. I must have been too excited at the show because many of my pics turned out crappy...

IMG_1313 400x533

Rich and Jackie

IMG_1318 400x533

IMG_1315 400x533

IMG_1360 400x299

t0fu with the best squirm in the house...

IMG_1359 400x533

Joe showing off his custom Mummy Boy while doing his best Bruce Lee...

IMG_1358 400x533

IMG_1356 400x533

IMG_1336 400x533

IMG_1335 400x533

IMG_1334 400x533

IMG_1330 400x533

IMG_1328 400x533

IMG_1326 400x533

IMG_1322 400x533

IMG_1319 400x533

DSC00486 400x533

DSC00480 400x533

DSC00474 400x533

DSC00469 400x533

DSC00467 400x533

DSC00457 400x533

DSC00445 400x533

DSC00432 400x533

DSC00427 400x533

DSC00425 400x299

DSC00424 400x299

DSC00423 400x299

DSC00421 400x299

DSC00393 400x299

DSC00367 400x533

Not For Sale RealxHead...

IMG_1344 400x533

IMG_1348 400x533

LASH Custom show at Super 7 from toybot studios on Vimeo.

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