Monday, October 13, 2008

Tokyo Day 3, Part 2: Nakano Broadway, Moda-Yu-Q-Te

IMG_1024 400x533

Another toy store just outside Nakano Broadway that I personally would never have located without the "Tokyo Underground" book, is Moda-Yu-Q-Te. This is one of the vintage toy stores that a couple of years from now when i'm totally into vintage, I'll look back and cry that I didn't pick this and that up. Actually looking at these pics, I already wish I had purchased some of these toys.

IMG_1033 400x533

IMG_1034 400x533

IMG_1025 400x533

IMG_1026 400x533

IMG_1027 400x533

IMG_1028 400x533

IMG_1029 400x299

IMG_1030 400x533

IMG_1031 400x299

IMG_1032 400x299

IMG_1035 400x533

IMG_1037 400x533

IMG_1036 400x533

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