Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Max Factory 1/35 Commando Vorct Assault Lane Custom Scopedog!!

TOY-RBT-0457_03 400x361

I've been pretty underwhelmed with Max Factory's Commando Vorct Series. All the Scopedogs looks very similar and kinda blah. There was that one that had the giant sniper rifle that was kinda cool. But this Assault Lane Custom shows some promise. First it has the interesting crossbow with all the arrow quivers. Then it has the cool underwater helmet too. Lastly, it was the nice detailed tank treads. Out in December.

TOY-RBT-0457_07 400x534

TOY-RBT-0457 400x410

TOY-RBT-0457_05 400x643

TOY-RBT-0457_04 400x613

TOY-RBT-0457_06 400x693

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