Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More CM's Corp Mospeada Ride Armors !!!

TOY-RBT-0497_01 400x386

CM's Corp has two new Ride Armors from the Mospeada series. This Dark Bartley "Shinobu" Type has my attention... but alas, I may have to wait for it to go on sale before getting yet another Ride Armor....I would like to compare it to the other manufacturers versions though...Refer back to the Cyclone Beauty Contest!!!

TOY-RBT-0497_02 400x588

TOY-RBT-0497_03 400x246

This red "Fouquet" type is interesting...

TOY-RBT-0496_05 400x453

TOY-RBT-0496_04 400x390

TOY-RBT-0496_01 400x380

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