Monday, October 06, 2008

Tokyo Day 1, Part I: Shinjuku - Fewmany

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Sorry I haven't been blogging lately. I just returned from Tokyo where I participated in Super7's first ever "Tokyo Underground Tour" as well as Super Festival! I'm still re-covering from Jet lag believe it or not. If I was really cool, I would have been blogging from Japan but as it was, life was busy, busy, busy and completely dedicated to TOYS!! It was an amazing trip and I thank everyone for all the very kind help and assistance before and during the trip. I've got a ton of pictures and have decided to post chronologically so you get a sense for what I did as I did it. Plus it's just easier for me to organize! So over the next few days, join me on my trip to Tokyo!

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Here's the view from our room. It faces Mount Fujii but I never saw it. The weather was muggy and humid and although the first couple of days were great, it rained on the last two. We stayed in the Century Southern Hotel right at the Shinjuku train station which was very convenient. Funny enough, the building is also home to Microsoft's Tokyo Headquarters!

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After un-packing we ventured out into Shinjuku...Tokyo is very beautiful at night and evokes scenes from "Bladerunner"...

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One of the Chapter Sneaker shops where you can get your Sneaker Freak on...

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Jon's top priority was to hit Disk Union as it is a mecca for hard core metal and punk. If they only knew what band Jon played in...

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The first toy store we hit was Fewmany which is home to brands like Wonderwall and Touma among others. Although i've seen pictures of Fewmany before, it still wasn't what I was expecting. I think I was expecting more toys and perhaps a little less "Sanrio feel" if you know what I mean. Still it's a cool store and probably could have browsed there for an hour...

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