Monday, October 13, 2008

Tokyo Day 3, Part 2: Nakano Broadway, Mandarake!!

IMG_1065 400x533

Nakano Broadway is where many of the Mandarake stores live. Each Mandarake seems to have somewhat of a specialty such as Gashapon or Die Cast or Action figures or Vintage. Sadly, they don't allow pictures inside which is a bummer because they have some very cool stuff. One could spend 1/2 the day just visiting all the Mandarake's.

IMG_1072 400x299

IMG_1063 400x299

IMG_1064 400x533

IMG_1062 400x533

IMG_1061 400x533

Almost all of the halls of Nakano Broadway look like this...

IMG_1060 400x533

The first floor looks like this...

IMG_1070 400x533

side streets outside Nakano Broadway

IMG_1073 400x533

IMG_1058 400x533

What would a visit to Tokyo be without Takoyaki??? Essentially chunks of Octopus cooked in batter into a yummy ball. People were buying this stuff up by the tray full!

Takoyaki at Nakano Broadway Tokyo from toybot studios on Vimeo.

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