Monday, October 20, 2008

New Upper Playground Usugrow Hoodies!!

back 400x400

Upper Playground is one of my favorite places to shop for hoodies. In fact, i'm wearing my Mike Giant Skulls hoodie as i'm typing. UP's hoodies are so thick, so luxurious, you think they were bath robes from Ritz Carlton. More importantly, forget that weak silk-screen. UP's hoodies feature designs that are impossibly embroidered. Amazing stuff. Really a work of art in itself. Add to that that most of their hoodies are under $100 and you have the perfect combination of style, quality and design. I'm a fan. I like it when people send me emails with HTML that includes pictures. When I received a newsletter from UP and it had a picture of this new Usugrow "Sword" hoodie, i clicked on it immediately. Forget about it. I was already sold. I know all you guys are gonna go out and get it too. Just don't wear it the same night as me.

front 400x400

Details like this put Upper Playground #1 for me.

hood 400x400

Usugrow's Butterfly

butterfly 400x400

butterfly2 400x400

Usugrow's "Hair"

hair 400x400

I do dig this back detail though...

backhair 400x400

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