Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tokyo Day 2, Part I: A Bathing Ape

IMG_0823 400x533

Right around the corner from Original Fake is A Bathing Ape of course!! All cool brands stick together. I have never been in a Bathing Ape store so this was kinda cool for me. I was toying with the idea of thowing down on a pair of Bapestas to commemorate the occassion....

IMG_0822 400x533

Like Original Fake, Bathing Ape is a beautiful store with glass everywhere and all the Bapestas you could ever want in every color in the rainbow. It was truly a magnificent display. They even had shoes on a conveyor belt display like you might see in a Sushi restaurant. Only with....sneakers.

IMG_0826 400x533

IMG_0825 400x299

The only problem is that when I went to ask to try on a pair in the most vivid blues and purples I could stand, I was promptly told that almost all the sneakers on display are not for sale. They just show the history of the releases. The ones for sale were the ugly ones on the conveyer belt. They look like cheap shoes you get at Walmart but instead cost $300. Ugh...no thanks.

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